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Contact our corporate office in California toll-free at (866) 330-2495 for more information about our restaurant facilities services.

Project Management

You can rely on our project management team to keep things on track and on schedule.  See what we can do on your projects.

Our goal is to provide our clients with superior maintenance, design services, repairs, and installations.   At Douglass Construction, Inc., we go the extra mile on every project.   Rest assured, we put the same level of energy into every project.


Custom designs, installations, repairs, epoxy.   Custom facility specs observed.


We do it all, A-Z ...

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Millworks, Furnishings, Lighting
Creative, beautifully efficient and highly functional designs, customizing spaces that are effectively suited to your needs.
Big jobs, small jobs ... including, but not imited to digs, repairs, replacements. and other plumbing needs

Full-Service • Fast Food Establlishments